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Rowlan wants this "Moment Forelife"

Rowlan, a rapper from Cape Cod, Massachusetts, drops a new powerful track "Moment Forelife." It feels like this musical mastermind is an old soul who has weathered through multiple lifetimes. Therefore, he is properly equipped to provide the audience with some important gems. If you want to learn a few things about his journey, this is the song that you want to start with. 

"Moment Forelife" does an amazing job making us feel like we are traveling through time. Having a dream-like melody, Rowlan allows us to observe his reality. Continually questioning what is real, he is in search of his truth. As the track progresses, this artist shows his awareness of the negatives that fame brings and how it is vital to hold on to the self when one reaches that level. Known for his deeply-felt words, the audience is guaranteed to feel emotion. This is especially true when Rowlan talks bout pain. Often, some people question if there is a word that is stronger than love because sometimes that word isn't enough to explain such a strong feeling. However, in this song, Rowlan pushes another narrative by claiming that there has to be something that is even harder than pain because some people go through too much emotional hurt. For some, life just isn't fair at all.
Questioning love itself, he talks about people not wanting partners for something real, but rather for material things. He raps, "Focused on the wrong things. So convinced that they right. Sike. Love starts with who throws it out. Your broken emotions get stuck in your glass house. That house in the hills comes tumbling down." The listeners are left to interpret that part as they wish. Be prepared to be taken through many scenes in this video and feel the power for yourself. Take a listen and get lost in his truth.
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