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Bay Area native lilspirit drops descriptive "come home"

Rising pop singer and new Internet Money Records signee lilspirit brings an emotional flair and outstanding vocals to every instrumental he sings on. His newest song, "come home," exemplifies this.

With guitar production, the song begins and the listener is immediately captivated by lilspirit's soft pop voice. As his vocals cut through, a snap and drums are added to the instrumental and a dynamic chorus shows itself. He sings directly to a love interest on "come home" as he describes the feeling of their leaving. "come home" packs plenty of vivid imagery and descriptive lyrics into its two minute duration. The young singer's knack for drawing a singular emotion from every listener is just one of the talents he flashes on "come home." 

"I can feel the holes in my brain / nothing feels the same when I can't hold you," lilspirit begins the track singing. 

In a world with countless new "lils," lilspirit is beginning to stand out. 


Connect with lilspirit: Twitter | SoundCloud | Instagram 



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