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It feels like we are living in "the movies" with nightly's latest single [Video]

nightly is known for their dreamy songs and their ability to perfectly capture that hazy feeling of love and loss. Their new song "the movies" is about feeling like your life is playing out on a screen.

That late-night drive moodiness is hard to shake. It's that yearning and vulnerability that really give this song teeth. You can just feel that kind of desperation of wanting something to work but it feels like it's over. It's the kind of song that can just circle in the back of your mind. Lead singer Jonathan Capeci sings, "Don't stop baby, don't tell me that it's over, I can't take it, I'm shaking on the sofa. You know there's nothing like you and I together. 'Cause when we touch something in it pulls me, swear to god, it feels just like the movies." 

The video is a perfect nod to Nightly's aesthetic with muted tones and nostalgic phones. The video echoes the loneliness in the song. Long talks on the phone and restless nights with no resolve but knowing that we're all in that same boat trying to figure out life and love. 

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