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Natalie tells us about a "Fatal Attraction" in this

Houston singer-songwriter Natalie has released a mesmerizing new passion-filled track "Fatal Attraction." Giving us a perfect late-night vibe, this latest work beautifully fuses both R&B and soul to create the perfect track for winding down after a long day. 
"Fatal Attraction" sets a steamy yet risky mood. The vivid lyricism exudes steamy vibes as it sets the mood for an intense connection. The heavy basslines add further depths of moody layers as Natalie's breathy vocal delivery act as whispers traveling through the shadows. It seems as if a past lover has reappeared in her life and the attraction between both of them is "fatal." Her imagination often runs wild as she ends up "falling in his trap." Throughout many of this artist's songs, her moody and dark vocal delivery will leave the audience wanting more, allowing us all to create a dream and interpretation of our own. 
Connect with Natalie: Instagram | Twitter 
Pop · R&B · Soul


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