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La Bouquet moves beyond isolation on infectious single “Anxiety, My Best Friend”

LA-based sad-pop trio La Bouquet kicks off the year with their new single, “Anxiety, My Best Friend.” It’s the first release to follow-up their 2019 adored alt-pop debut album Sad People Dancing.

Comprised of Bryan Sammis (formerly of The Neighborhood), Jake Lopez, and Drew Bruchs, La Bouquet tap into a brand new energy here. Known for their bedroom-R&B, post-punk, and texturized alt-pop inflections, the trio burst past their “emotional songs you can dance to” mantra. However, there is still plenty of emotion to grasp onto with “Anxiety, My Best Friend.” The new endeavor is teeming with renewed melodies, powered by crisp guitars, and catapulted into a sonic haven by Sammis’ bracing vocals. Narratively, it’s a call to action to either be consumed by the uneasiness found in many of life’s offerings or use it as the fuel to move past the delusive limitations we wrongly set for ourselves. The alt-rock anthem showcases La Bouquet’s larger and faster resonance that serves as a welcoming addition to their already addictive catalogue of past tunes.

According to a recent Twitter post, lead singer Bryan Sammis stated that the new single “contains personal (but relatable) aspects of my loneliness, anxiety & depression.”

La Bouquet formed in 2016 and have since released 2017’s EP Heavy Sunshine and last year’s full-length record Sad People Dancing. Look for them to release more new music this year.

Connect with La Bouquet: Instagram | Twitter| Spotify

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