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Supreme Ace lets us know that "When it's over, I'll still be here"

Supreme Ace starts off 2020 with fireworks in the form of music. Having previously dropped a couple mixtapes and EPs, he is back greater than ever. Giving us a full course meal of his version of hip-hop, Ace drops his new album, When it's over, I'll still be here. Throughout the 15-track body of work, this artist excels in showing a side of Colorado that not too many have seen.
There are many different vibes throughout When it's over, I'll still be here, showing Supreme Ace's growth regarding his ability to be exceptionally versatile. He displays his talents of lyricism and his skill of creating music that someone can listen to without having to constantly feel lost in their own minds. Consequentially, while listening to the album, listeners will spend some time being pensive and deep in their thoughts, while also being able to just vibe to the music. 
The album begins with an introduction of a reminder that Supreme Ace is "Still Here / Never Left." The piano and the soothing voices set the tone beautifully, allowing everyone to reminisce on his previous music while preparing for Ace's return. Being one of the tracks with great meaning on the album, he raps about the awareness of his surroundings, emphasizing that he just wants the love and the respect. The music in the second half of the song gets a little more intense, calling all the attention on him. After all, Ace makes it clear that the underdogs always win in the end. 
The fifth song on the album "Remember When / Love Yours" is about an example of the illusion of love. When people don't have much at the moment, that is when real love is tested. Believing in someone and supporting them is everything, especially for hungry, hard-working artists who are trying to make it in the music industry. However, a lot of people are only there when it is convenient and when someone has it all. Throughout the track, Ace makes it clear that he didn't give up on his dreams and that he did it all by himself even when the love wasn't present. 
"Blessings" is the sixth track on the album, giving us a more motivated and carefree vibe. Ace reminds us what it is like to have talent, be consistent, work hard, and not give up. Rapping about being self-made, he warns others not to compare themselves to him as an artist. He came from nothing so the blessings mean everything to him. 
Telling everyone to "Level Up" on track number eight, he makes sure that they are aware that there are levels to this game. He reiterates that others have to step up if they want to meet him where he's at. He raps, "Everything we got, we earned it. This world is full of snakes in disguise. Too many times I done been here. Too many times I done made it clear. You know I'm not the one that you want to come for." Put "Level Up" on if you want to get motivated and feel like you can achieve anything. 
Closing off the album with "Never Been," this artist demonstrates the beauty that comes from all of the struggle. Opening up the song saying that some people have too much time on their hands, he shows the benefits of taking advantage of time. Now, he is able to take someone places that they have never been before: just like his new album will. After all, when it's all over, Supreme Ace will still be here, standing strong. 
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