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KOTA the Friend ends 2019 with new single "THIEVES"

KOTA the Friend ended his year with a new single, "THIEVES". Preparing for the start of a new decade, "THIEVES" is a reflective cut from the Brookly MC.  KOTA the Friend had a pretty great year, delivering his debut album FOTO back in May. The album was an intimate snapshot into Kota's mind and life over 19 well-crafted tracks. Kota isn't your typical hardcore Eastcoast rapper. His laidback delivery creates slow-burning soundscapes that seem to just invite you into his world. His final cut of the decade plays in the same manner. Drenched in mellow guitar riffs, his relaxed and introspective delivery perfectly meshes with the production. 


"THIEVES" touches on Kota's friendships, promises, and of course the ladies. "Used to go SOHO/ Window shopping with the bro bros", he reminisces about empty pockets and dreams of getting on. This single is an emotional triumph for the young artist. There is nothing like looking back on everything that would eventually lead up to your success -  something Kota is definitely appreciative of. While Kota has a lot to be thankful for, "THIEVES" is only the beginning. Hopefully, 2020 will bring more great music and collabs from the very talented rapper. 

Connect with KOTA the Friend: Twitter | Instagram | Soundcloud



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