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Salty overcomes addiction with trap heavy single "Tweakin"

Hailing from a town that you'd least expect to produce trap songs in Wollongong, New South Wales Australian rapper Salty releases a trap heavy single "Tweakin" that covers the theme of addiction. The single is a dark and a little bit twisted, as it unfolds the issues Salty once used to deal with. The rapper is quite the story-teller, he encapsulates feelings and emotions so easily that it's hard to not get lost into his world without glorifying his addiction. 

The trippy instrumentals leads the direction of the single, with each beat creating a confusing yet fruitful journey of self-discovery. Oozing with dark guitar melodies, trappy drums and riffs sampled, played and composed by producer Lowgrind the single is unique as it comes.

Despite coming out from an unlikely town producing hip-hop, Salty is adamant that he's not just another Aussie rapper.

“I want it to show people I am a capable and versatile artist and not just another “Aussie Rapper,” but at the same time stay true to my roots in Aussie Rap and show respect where its due. I hope that the stylistic differences will both show people I’m a versatile artist and mean different demographics will be reached,”

"Tweakin" will be featured on his upcoming EP Manic Expression due to drop soon.

Connect with Salty: Facebook | Soundcloud | YouTube

Hip-Hop · Rap


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Matt Bolger
1 year ago

Might I ask if the winner of the VMP Ghostly Box Set has been selected?!?!?