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Like the moon and the sun, Melz says we can "Co-Exist"

Melz, a rapper from Utica, New York, drops his new track "Co-Exist" off of his FORLORN album. He appears just in time to start off 2020 with a powerful and strong message. 

This new track puts the audience in a thoughtful and reflective state. Melz chose an impressive title name. "Co-exist" means to "exist at the same time or in the same place." In turn, he differentiates himself from some other rappers, questioning the state of rap and claiming that his music displays a particular kind of art. He raps, "I guess I rap, but we got different types of art we on. I drop a track when ya'll get sick of all them party songs. I guess ya'll sick of all them party songs." Creating art that doesn't just target the club scene, his rap is filled with poetic lines. Staying away from mumble rap, this track is a showcase of meaningful lyricism. Trying to motivate people, Melz spreads positivity, speaks words of substance, and works hard. Being a go-getter, he may not have had everything that he needed, but he forced himself to learn the necessary information to keep going.

Throughout "Co-Exist," Melz also makes it clear that there is enough room at the table for everyone to eat. Speaking in the language of poetry, he says that the moon and the sun can both shine. In other words, everyone has an opportunity to win. Envy does not need to be present. Acknowledging the legends, Melz mentions Nipsey and how important it is to not just listen to his music, but to also be inspired by him and to live out his message. He closes off the song by making it clear that real ones don't care about clout. Instead, they care about inspiring people. They care about making power moves: together. Let's "Co-Exist."

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