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Marco DeLiso encourages others to be themselves in “Round & Round”   

Marco DeLiso releases his quick and colorfully upbeat and infectious new single “Round & Round”. The playful, indie-pop tune showcases eccentric soundscapes, engaging piano melodies, and jangly guitars.  "Round & Round" is a narration of accepting yourself for who you are instead of letting the outside world label you as something you're not.

A Cambridge Massachusetts based multi-instrumentalist and recording engineer, DeLiso has the unique ability to create music that exudes authenticity and reliability.  His compositions erupt with groovy instrumentation, lush vocal harmonies and a silly presentation that encourages others to be themselves.  

Influenced by a wide range of muses such as Frank Sinatra, John Lennon and Radiohead, DeLiso is known for his experimental looping, rich harmonies and distinctive whimsical melodies. His hope is to bring excitement, inspiration and self-acceptance to listeners all over the world. Check out the feel-good and highly irresistible single now.  

Connect with Marco DeLiso : Facebook | Twitter | Instagram 

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