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1$T delivers new "Tokyo Project" and film "Tokyo the Movie"

After an inspiring trip to Japan, super-producer 1$T has delivered his new 8-track project, Tokyo Project, plus short film, Tokyo the Movie. Creativity is often sparked during moments of transformation and that holds to be true for 1$T. 

Better know as FKi 1$T, the man behind hits for Travis Scott, Post Malone, and Ariana Grande has been on a path of self-discovery and change. His new project is his first solo release in almost 3 years and showcases his ability to be more than just a producer. The standout track "Velvet" is mellow and slow, boasting verses of spiritual transcendence and subtle flexing. Both the album and short film were inspired by a trip to Japan in which he explored a melting pot of cultures.

Often recognized for his ability to culminate music with diverse cultural influences, Tokyo Project brings everything full circle.  The project sonically pushes the limits of musical normalcy, combining the progressiveness and sounds of Japanese music culture. 1$T premiered his short film in an exclusive Los Angeles scene; attendees enjoyed the artwork and various novelties inspired by Japanese artwork and culture. Through distorted music videos and self-narrated clips, the short film follows his experience in Japan. Collaborating with new and local artists, 1$T is also gearing up for the next installment of his Good Gas mixtape series which is set to release early 2020. Good job 1$T.

Check out the short film, Tokyo the Movie

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