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G Herbo's "Summer is Cancelled" is a glorious anthem of survival

Chicago rapper G Herbo ended 2019 with a new album Sessions, a proud twenty-seven minute effort addressing gun violence, race, success, and struggle. The nine tracks show G Herbo with more lyrical precision and introspection than ever before, marking a more mature and centered young rapper. One of the most exciting songs on Sessions is the album opener entitled "Summer is Cancelled," a focused and passionate painting of life in the Chicago streets and how he has overcome it. It effectively sets the tone for the rich storytelling and immersion to come over the course of the album while kicking off the project with a powerful energy.

"Summer is Cancelled" kicks off G Herbo's new album excellently, as the eclectic vocals recall street trials and tribulations over a beautifully pitched soul sample. The background vocal clips, steady clicking hi-hats and pounding 808's provide a grandiose landscape for the sharp bars that fits thematically with the themes of pride, survival, and self righteousness. He uses this opener to establish his dominance in the rap game as well as remind us of his work ethic that got him there. His gritty bars like "I came from sparkin' competitors, my life was never no regular-degular. Way before records, etcetera, I was with felons and narcotic peddlers, " show that he's earned this life for himself. He also notes in the outro that his life is not one that he wants for the rest of Chicago's youth, and that these trends of gang violence are "cancelled." Herbo's fascinating commentary on Chicago's streets of past, present, and future, are both wise and engaging. His words demand respect both for him and for the well being of his community from here on out. Moreover, "Summer is Cancelled" is a compelling way to kick off the new album Sessions that's full of street knowledge and self empowerment.

Delivering important perspectives into his own experience as well as the experience of one of hip-hop's most compelling cities, G Herbo's "Summer is Cancelled" raises him to esteemed status of rap veteran while deepening the important musical narratives of Chicago's communities.

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