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The Nghiems debut raw, sweet demo track "Nobody Move"

The simplicity of Oklahoma radiates from the crisp-clean guitar riffs and relaxed vocals of The Nghiems’ latest single “Nobody Move.” The demo track is dreamy, youthful, and paced just right for an afternoon escape. The charm of the song reminds one of the powers of soft rock to create intimate moments that connect the artist to its listeners so completely: from the onset of the song to the escalating guitar strums in the bridge, to the final ringing note, there is an emotion there if one wishes to surrender to it.

The group’s 2018 record, Soulmatic, played up the band’s indie-pop tendencies, and if this new stripped-down song is an example of things to come in 2020, one can expect another dreamy record. One thing to be noted: it is always a treat when demo versions of tracks by groups are released as they offer an intimate look at the basic skeleton of a song and, in some way, a look at the band’s songwriting mechanics. “Nobody Move” is honest enough and raw enough to appeal just as it is, whatever comes after is extra cream.

The Nghiems spent 2019 playing live shows and promoting their latest effort, closing out the year with the new track here above. Oklahoma City, where the group hails from, is a place that is known for its serenity, and the band injects that into its sound. The collective of James Nghiem, David Nghiem, Mike Allen, Derek Moore, and Dylan Eubanks seems ready for another go—great news to open the decade.

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Alternative · Indie · Soft Rock


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