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Join in girl power with Dafina Zeqiri's new song "Vuj vuj vuj" [Video]

Dafina Zeqiri, an Albanian singer and songwriter from Kosove, is a very strong and powerful woman. Her new track "Vuj vuj vuj" sets the whole dance floor on fire. Turn the music up and get lost in the beats and in a voice that captures everyone's attention. 
Anyone is able to hear the power in Dafina Zeqiri's voice even though they may not understand the language that is present. "Vuj vuj vuj" is sung in the Albanian language, with the exception of a few words that are sung in English. The audience may not understand it, but they will still find themselves falling in love with her new song. Showing the power that women hold, Dafina emphasizes a few things that she will not tolerate. Through the lyrics, this artist makes it clear that she isn't here to play games with anyone. As a consequence, if anyone wants to play with her heart, they are going to be the ones who will get their own emotions hurt. She won't deal with anything less than the best kind of love. Hopefully, we can all relate. 
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