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Lauv & LANY dance in the desert in "Mean It" [Video]

An official music video for "Mean It" was released for the collaboration by Lauv & LANY. The single dropped in November for Lauv's upcoming debut album, How I'm Feeling.

The colorful music video is set in the deserts outside of Los Angeles. The guys danced around the painted red rocks and sand as Lauv pulls over his vintage convertible car. They sing the song's desperate lyrics together during the dusk hours of the day. Lauv said on Instagram that he and frontman, Paul Jason Klein, of LANY met, they talked about life and love in his studio. "I’ve been a fan of LANY for a long time, and I think it’s a perfect blend of our two sounds, so I’m super stoked and honored to have this song together."

How I'm Feeling is set to be released on March 6th and is currently available for pre-order.

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