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Baker Grace is human, just "Like You"

Baker Grace, a 19-year-old NYC-based singer and songwriter, drops a beautiful new pop song called "Like You." If anyone is in the mood to hear something that will make you feel emotional, you'll want to listen to "Like You."

Before playing the record, you should be prepared for some introspection and self-reflection. Be ready to hear a track that is encompassed with poetry and a melody that is soothing for the soul. "Like You" is filled with empathy, displaying the artist's ability to understand the feelings of another person. She sings about how everyone should practice more care when dealing with other people. Everyone is human. We should all be kind and spread love. Towards the end of the song, Baker Grace says, "Sometimes the people that you think are the worst people in the world are the people who are the most like you and really it is yourself that you have a problem with and you're bringing it out on this other person. So, you don't have to dislike that person anymore." Instead, everyone should focus on themselves and fix themselves. If someone loves their own self, then they can't ever have hate for another person. It would be impossible. Listen to "Like You" and feel united with the rest of humanity.
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