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SOFI TUKKER debuts commemorative music video for "Purple Hat"

By now, the masses have heard the body-jolting track “Purple Hat” from Brooklyn duo turned mainstream stars SOFI TUKKER. The single has spread like a virus, infecting with its irresistible rhythm and seductive quality all ears it seeps into. To accelerate the sonic pandemic, a new video has been released to accompany the track, and it is both an appealing and colorful video as well as a commemorative token for the duo.

The video, directed by Charles Todd, who also filmed the videos for "Fantasy" and "Swing," captures the homecoming show of the Brooklyn duo and all its feverish dance euphoria. The road to stardom has been a long one for German-American duo Sophie Hawley-Weld and Tucker Halpern, who began by showcasing their brand of house and EDM in Brooklyn’s more modest bars to reaching the mainstream and performing at the sold-out Avant Gardner Great Hall in the video. The location served as the culmination of a U.S. tour that helped swell the duo’s recognition, with the European tour finishing this month.

“Purple Hat,” is a celebration of hard work and dedication as well as one of the most intoxicating tracks of 2019. The music video paints the picture vividly that SOFI TUKKER has built a solid fanbase and plans big things for 2020; the duo’s album Dancing on the People still sizzling. Shot after shot the neon colors, wild backgrounds, and raucous crowds transport you to a celebration worth attending or if nothing else witnessing to a groove too fat to ignore.

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