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Sultan + Shepard revive their remix of The Boxer Rebellion's "Keep Moving' in new form

Sultan + Shepard have claimed an unusual bullet point for their resumes by remixing the same song twice in two totally different iterations. In 2014, the New York City-based production and DJ duo  were known as Sultan & Ned Shepard back then, and for their upbeat big room progressive house. They took to The Boxer Rebellion track "Keep Moving" from the band's 2013 album Promises in exactly that fashion, following something of a formula at the time: evolving an emotive indie pop song into a club track. It worked, landing them millions of streams.

It's now five years after that original remix, and Sultan + Shepard have returned to it in a totally new way. This isn't just a "2014 vs. 2019" take on the same concepts like we often see in instances of anniversaries of some of dance music's greatest, but a new birth. But the fact that this song isn't necessarily an accepted, trajectory-altering pillar in dance music history, and the duo still returned to remix it, says a lot about their personal passion for the song itself. And in this execution, it shows. 

This new take on"Keep Moving" expresses the appeal of the original song, as well as the transformation that Sultan + Shepard have gone on themselves in the past year. Moving on from pop crossover to a melodic progressive sound that shows their experience and understanding, they've crafted a beautiful, emotive, and contemporary deeper version of themselves.

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