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ÄTNA achieve a higher plane on "Come To Me" [Video]

As time passes, the lines between genres continue to blur, spawning off-shoots in every direction possible. An artist's territory means less and less as people rely more on the wide expanse of the internet for content. So, what happens when you take a heaping spoonful of Scandipop and siphon it through Bauhaus philosophy? ÄTNA is what happens, a duo and bold German newcomer turning heads and catching ears the world over.

"Come To Me" is a euphoric piece of electro-pop that comes across like the lovechild of an artist eager to prove themselves, and an AI that's figured out the algorithm of how to make killer pop tunes. That's not to say that it's not wrought with emotion, a lovesick vocal soars high above an icy production that completely mystifies your consciousness; the duo has excelled, creating a song so catchy that it'll rattle around your brain until you hear it again.

The visual extends on the theme, yet adds a subtle comic relief with 50% of the duo speeding through varying locales on various forms of transportation, as the vocals are emphatically performed. "Come To Me" suitably whets appetites for their debut full length Made By Desire, arriving aptly on Valentine's Day 2020 via Humming Records.

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