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The O'My's draw inspiration from nature for heartfelt new video [Premiere]

The O’My’s have made a reputation of avoiding the traps of musical conventions. Like their previous releases, the Chicago duo’s Above Ground EP from earlier this year reflected a group with deep soul and bountiful creativity. It should be no surprise, then, that their first music video for the project follows suit with emotionally resonant originality. The video, which is premiering today at EARMILK, was completed in collaboration with Someoddpilot, and features the songs “Strawberry” and “Don’t Know Better.”

When brainstorming video ideas, Maceo Vidal-Haymes and Nick Hennessey wanted a concept that was outside the box. “We wanted to depart from typical love story narrative and band performance shots,” Vidal-Haymes states. Writer, DP, and editor Connor Weitz pitched the idea of basing the video on the satin bowerbird’s mating ritual, which seem random but leads to some poignant connections between the bird’s practices and those of humans in the universal quest for love and acceptance. “This idea allowed us to step away from the normal love story narrative while still exploring attraction, ritual, and romance.”

Imani Williams plays the protagonist in search of companionship who, like the bowerbird, goes to great lengths to decorate his home and himself with blue adornments. His attention is drawn to a strawberry-wielding woman played by Seraphina Russell, whose attitude and red color scheme don’t quite jive with Williams’ blues. With stylish usage of color and lighting, a magnificent dance performance from Williams, and a palpable and relatable vulnerability, the video for “Strawberry” and “Don’t Know Better” is a captivating project for The O’My’s that enhances their brand of innovative soulfulness.

The Above Ground EP is available to stream or download here.

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