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Chelsea Cutler wakes up from a dream in “I Was In Heaven”

Chelsea Cutler’s new single “I Was In Heaven” tells a story about someone who walked out of her life but stayed in her dreams. Usually playing with lo-fi and electronic soundscapes, Cutler’s honest lyrics are exposed in this stripped-down track.

Culter, a singer, songwriter and producer from Connecticut is releasing her debut 15-track album, How To Be Human, on January 17. “I Was In Heaven” is the fourth release from her upcoming offering. “As much as love is a part of the human condition, so is heartbreak. I wrote ‘I Was In Heaven’ at a point in my life when that’s exactly what I was going through,” Cutler says. 

Leaning into the feeling, Cutler decided to leave her demo vocals in to capture the real emotions she felt during the writing process. Her distant voice is the small sound of heartbreak—before it’s polished and perfected. “I'm so scared to leave the bed/Where you were next to me/I can't let‚ I can't let go,” she sings her heavy admissions softly.

At 22 years old, Cutler has already released an impressive amount of music. To kick off 2018, she independently released mixtapes Sleeping with Roses and Sleeping with Roses II, featuring 8 tracks respectively. On top of recording, Cutler joined LA-based pop artist and producer Lauv on the European leg of his ~ how i’m feeling ~ tour last month. 

How To Be Human will feature Cutler’s recently released singles “Lucky”, with Alexander 23, “You Are Losing Me” and the title track “How To Be Human”.

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