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Borgeous brings waves of filthy bass that "Nobody" can resist

Following future bass record "Alcohol," platinum-selling producer/DJ Borgeous continues displaying his production versatility with a supercharged bass house cut "Nobody." Engulf yourself with basslines built for festivals.

Littering the track with sirens, rattling sub-bass, and evolving atmosphere, the producer demonstrates his mastery of fusing distinct styles respectively. With a sense of the dread, "Nobody" is a dark, versatile weapon suitable for various DJs' arsenal for the upcoming festival season. In Borgeous' own words meanwhile, "Nobody" mixes his love for hip-hop with bass and tech-house influences, great for dance floors and festivals." A sinister blend of bombastic percussions and synth elements drive it forward, whilst samples from Kanye West’s “Clique” evoke nostalgia.

Borgeous also emphasizes that this track also "was an opportunity for me to bring my sound to the underground." With a slew of daunting releases across different genres, Borgeous will for sure always keep an element of surprise up his sleeve.

Stream/buy the record here.

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