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Knight One gives us tender R&B-infused pop with "Something Real"

Dutch producer Knight One has had a solid year. He released a dynamite synth disco tune with French producer Cherokee earlier this year, as well as remixes for tracks by both Satin Jackets and Moods. His smooth and dreamy style fits almost any occasion, whether you want to groove or relax. Following up his Limited By Love EP, Knight One is back to close out the year with a new single called "Something Real."

Right from the start of the track, you're soothed by the simplicity of piano and finger snaps. It sets the tone for the saccharine melodies and hushed vocals that Knight One brings with his style of electronic pop. Driven by R&B-infused lyrics and a chilled vibe with billowing production, "Something Real" has a contagious and tender allure. The track's sweet and genuine intentions make it easy to love. Look for “Something Real” out now.

Connect with Knight One: SoundCloud | Facebook | Twitter

Chillout · Indie Dance · Pop · R&B · Synth Pop


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