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Ursae finds self-assurance with his stunningly vulnerable EP "Distance"

Colorful indie pop artist and San Francisco native Ursae builds a highly compelling sound with his left-of-center pop. Unveiling his new EP Distance, the four-track release features twirling soundscapes, throbbing beats and warm, honeyed vocals.

The lush EP opens with the gentle yet captivating ‘Trust." Co-produced by Jeremy McDonald (Kevin Garrett, Beyonce), the track highlights his signature falsetto over electro synths. Ursae is known for his earnest songwriting and "Trust" showcases just that.  The emotive single narrates building yourself up from a deeply broken state. Meanwhile, "Long Distance" radiates with buzzing funk basslines and wistful arrangements. It details a feeling of remote loneliness that comes from being far away from who and where you want to be. This sincere and heartfelt song crafts a vulnerable message that listeners can connect to. Finally, the EP concludes with "Del Mar," a song that soars with laid-back, dreamy instrumentation and enchanting vocals.  

Ursae is the Brooklyn-based project by artist/singer Andy Campbell. Drawing inspiration from prominent indie artists Bon Iver, Japanese Breakfast and SZA, Ursae delivers his own empowering story of reinvention. Through this masterful EP, he’s gained confidence in himself as a strong artist and as an individual. Campbell confides, “I hope that comes through in the music and that anyone listening can learn how to be more confident and comfortable with themselves.”   

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