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Hinds perpetually move forward in a new direction in "Riding Solo"

Hinds are a four-piece out of Madrid and recently - Amber, Ana, Carlotta and Ade - released a soothing, raucously energising fresh taste of what is to come from their forthcoming third album, due out for release in 2020.

Following on from the release of their 2018 sophomore album "I Don't Run", Hinds' "Riding Solo" is a song about the loneliness one feels, even though they are surrounded by loved ones and friends, and just because you're in a band with four others, it doesn't mean connective-ness, essentially perpetually being on the move in life, being everywhere and nowhere at the same time.

Working in collaboration with Jenn Decilveo (Bat for Lashes, Anne-Marie) in New York on this new track, "Riding Solo" takes the band in a brave new direction, Hinds' "Riding Solo", showcases a gloriously distorted vocals and ridiculously infectious choruses with an unintentional homage to M.I.A.'s "Paper Planes".

Lyrically though, the band remain true to themselves, touching on lyrics of personal trials and tribulations. One of the themes of the single is feeling lonely, and how it is one of the most common human feelings.

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