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Avalon Emerson and Overmono remixes take "Teenage Birdsong" to a higher level

Four Tet is a household name when it comes to anything remotely emotional, cheerful, or just downright fun. One of his releases from earlier this year, “Teenage Birdsong” has been given a revamp from two of the best in the game - Avalon Emerson and Overmono, with the 12” now out via Text Records.

From “Only Human” to “Lush”, Kieran Hebden has proven himself to be one of the UK’s finest producers time and time again. Hebden’s original launch of “Teenage Birdsong” was one which was instantly popular; it’s one of those songs that somehow makes you feel nostalgic, even if you’re not quite sure what about.

Despite the beauty of Hebden’s productions lying in the fact that they aren’t necessarily intended to be dance floor anthems, Emerson’s “Scrub Jay Remix” takes “Teenage Birdsong” to a higher level. It’s more percussive, it’s bouncier, and it projects even more of a sense of buoyancy and carelessness than its predecessor; in the best way possible. It’s hard to believe that Emerson’s remix isn’t Four Tet himself. Whilst the “Scrub Jay Remix” is reminiscent of relaxing summer days gone by, it also feels perfectly produced to be blaring through a high-quality sound-system on the beach at a festival. If that sun-on-your-back summer feeling could be reduced to one track, this would certainly be a contender.

The 12” b-side contains Overmono’s remix; one which - much like Emerson’s - takes “Teenage Birdsong” from an easy-listener to a club ready track. This is followed by the first vinyl release of Hebden’s “Dreamer”, which received a digital-only release earlier this year. The perfect pairing for “Teenage Birdsong”, “Dreamer” is a track which showcases Hebden at his very best. Described as “light, airy, colourful, and everything will bells on”, it doesn’t get much more Four Tet than this.

"Teenage Birdsong" can be streamed via Soundcloud, or purchased here.

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