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Saavan is simply breathtaking on "OBSERVATORY"

The French Indie duo, Saavan, explores awe-inspiring soundscapes in their 5-track Observatory EP.

Saavan is one of Paris’ most promising indie-electronic outfits. The duo is the moniker of Lucas Mokrani and Claire Lengaigne, two innovative creators whose individual talents mesh together effortlessly to create a single formidable sound. Having performed alongside artists like Petit Biscuit and Marian Hill, it's no surprise that Claire and Lucas are teeming with cleverness. At the heels of their well-received single “Young Minds,” Saavan returns to deliver their Observatory EP.

The extended play opens up like an epic novel, evolving as each track dissolves into the next with glistening production and gentle vocals. Chapter one comes as “Holy Savages,” a sanctified instrumental introduction that sets the tone for what’s to come. “Young Minds” proceeds to be an overflow of expansive, honest melodies and breathtaking vocal progressions, while “Remember” is a cinematic feat, a track that stands as the centerpiece to the project; focused and magnetic. The final two tracks bring listeners back down from an atmospheric high, easing the senses back to equilibrium after a mystical journey through lush sounds and uplifting melodies.

Saavan serves as a breath of fresh air on their latest work, and when Observatory is played from front to back, listeners can expect to lose themselves in the dreamy soundscape that unravels before them.

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