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BOII announces its arrival with vibrant single "Footwork"

Like the sunrise of a better day, “Footwork,” the first single from BOII’s upcoming debut EP, is rich with both vibrancy and hope. The pair is currently on tour with chic duo Sofi Tukker, both taking over stages and delighting fans with their electro-pop numbers. “Footwork” showcases BOII’s ability to take electronic music’s most intoxicating aspects, such as entrancing rhythms, and mix them with modern pop’s signature delicate harmonies and ambient, almost celestial, sustained synthesizer notes. From start to finish, the single is tranquil, hazy and colorful; a treat for the escapist in all of us.

BOII’s style fits in the vein of modern pop’s glamour, flowing along with acts like Brooklyn's Fly By Midnight, except BOII offers something a bit more sophisticated, a trans-Atlantic style that mixes the best of England and the United States, a style of music that is tinged with an international flair.

BOII’s upcoming debut EP, slated for release early next year, will be a milestone for the electric duo composed of producer Joshua Hoisington and singer/songwriter Adam Welsh. The record is the end and the beginning of a journey from the house music clubs of London to the open and gritty stages of Brooklyn, NY. The time is now for reflections and intentions, and that is channeled easily by the new single’s groove and elegance. Next year should be filled with promise for BOII and void of listeners unaware of the duo.

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