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Midoca emerges from behind the glass in ‘Dry The Rose’ EP

After two honest singles, Los Angeles based producer and singer-songwriter Midoca has unveiled his finished body of work. His emotionally raw 'Dry The Rose' EP serves as a five-track testament to Midoca’s production mastery and is out for your ears to feast upon via mau5trap

Compositionally uplifting tracks like "I Can't Keep Up With You" evokes a sense of levity in the spirit, as Midoca croons praises of self-respect and self-worth. "Something More Than This"  In just 16 minutes, honeyed tales of love found and love lost, and ultimate understanding evoke an emotional response as Midoca explores himself once through this EP. 

Sincerity sets the stage for what serves as Midoca’s journey towards self-understanding, with the producer revealing, “I’ve spent a few years now in therapy learning about myself and what led me to having the perspective I had of myself and what I was deserving of.” Through compelling compositions and vulnerable lyricism, 'Dry The Rose' is a promise of learning and letting go. 

Stay privy to happenings in the near future from Midoca and tune in via his socials below. 

Connect with Midoca: Facebook | Twitter | Instagram | SoundCloud

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