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Flevans and Laura Vane search for "Mr. Right"

UK multi-instrumentalist and producer Flevans  partners up with long-time collaborator Laura Vane for a throwback funk-influenced single titled "Mr. Right."  This pop gem of a single is coming off the heels of the Brighton based producer's 5th album Part-Time Millionaire which was released earlier this year.

The track starts off with a catchy guitar pluck that continues to pick up as Vane's commanding vocals come into play. From the moment the main chorus kick in, Vane goes for the kill with high-pitched honeyed vocals reminiscent of Prince that cut straight to the heart. Nothing is out of place here as Flevans playful funky production compliments Vane's enticing melodies. The lush harmonies also pay slight homage to the legendary Chaka Khan. The track is boisterous and feisty in many ways but for the most part the bounce and groove is something open-minded music lovers would bop their heads to.

"Mr. Right" is taken from Flevans' upcoming 6th studio album Accumulate scheduled for release next year via Jalapeno Records.

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