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Jean Dawson drops a head bangin' new single "Ooga Booga"

Los Angeles-based artist, Jean Dawson, has gifted us with an erratic, high-energy song titled "Ooga Booga". Produced by Lecx Stacy, "Ooga Booga" is the first single since Jean’s debut EP, Bad Sports, that was released earlier this year. Compared to the croons and laid-back guitars of Bad Sports, Jean changes his tone with his new single- more aggressive and thrashy performance yet also uplifting. He demonstrates his growing confidence with experimenting and expressing his emotions in a new way. 

"Ooga Booga" is an eclectic collage of genres ranging from pop-punk to electronic to pure pop and even a hint of hip-hop. This song is a chameleon, it could fit in at a rave, alt-rock gig or a house party. It'll make you want to headbang, jump, mosh, groove and dance. Throughout the track, Jean embraces his bilingual skills and Mexican heritage by rapping in both Spanish as well as English. Hearing an artist, like Jean, using their mother tongue is inspiring for those who struggle to be comfortable in mixed ethnic identities. Jean radiates an admirable self-confidence and knows how to create a song that encourages other people to find their true selves as he defiantly raps, "Let me find myself/ Let me be myself." 

It is almost impossible to define or limit Jean Dawson’s sound to just one genre. "Ooga Booga" is proof that the young artist is building a path of his own an pioneering his own genre.

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Electronic · Hip-Hop · Noise-Pop


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