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Dancing Tongues stunningly illustrate a disconnect between head and heart in “Body Language”   

Dancing Tongues’ uniquely modern yet retro flair reminiscent of The Cure, is a boldly fresh take on the 80s punk movement. Their latest track entitled “Body Language” features synth-driven soundscapes, glossy guitars and muted muffling drums. With an impassioned vocal tone exuding retro feels, they sing of the idiosyncrasies of relationships. “It must be something I said. Burst at the seams, you shocked me full of dread. What does it mean? I’m hoping for a second chance. Forgiven me, the second that we’ve undressed”. The song narrates building a bond so powerful nothing can break it, but still at times finding it impossible to connect. These two conflicting feelings manifest in the body creating indescribable yet very real emotions.  

Dancing Tongues have entranced audiences with shows in San Francisco, Los Angeles and Orange County, shaping a loyal fan base along the way. Channeling a fierce creative dynamism, they construct passionately penetrating music touching on themes of escapism, identity, responsibility and romance. Their upcoming album Hypnotic Tales of Sex and Distress speaks to the dissatisfaction, confusion and distractions we face as we try to navigate through an overflow of information. Take a listen to the lush post-punk stylings of “Body Language” now.

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