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Sasha Cay invites us in with "Archie" [Video]

Montreal’s Sasha Cay released her latest single “Archie” with an intimate and beautiful video she directed and edited. The single is the first offering from her upcoming full-length album, set to be released in spring 2020. 

There are few less impersonal places in the world than a motel room. The setting for many good slasher films, the place where you’re inexplicably glued to cable T.V., and the room where you can’t help but wonder who was there before you. 

“Archie” captures this lonely but connected feeling we all get in these sterile rooms. The video follows a buttoned-up man who arrives at a drive-up at night, turning the key to spend a night by himself. The leaking faucet and bad lighting lead to the weird things we all do in motel rooms alone. The comforting guitar chords make way for Cay’s clear voice, hitting each note with precision then loosely dropping off the end. Cay’s clarinet builds an intensity throughout the song until it's released and we’re all returned to the simplicity of the melody and comfort of her voice. 

This single comes on the heels of her last seven-track EP, Sink Your Teeth, released this time last year.

Connect with Sasha Cay: Facebook | Instagram 

Folk Rock · Indie · Lo-Fi · Music Videos


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