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Dear Music, Jon Swaii is "Still Loving You"

Jon Swaii, a Bronx, New York-based artist and producer, drops his intense new track "Still Loving You." This track deserves turning the volume up and getting lost in the music. 
While self-analyzing, this artist gives us raw emotion on "Still Loving You." Talking about his eternal love for music, it is not hard to see the passion pouring out of his soul as the track continues to play. Swaii paints a perfect picture for his audience, showing that he is extremely self-aware and that he will continue the path that he is on even though there are dark days. Nothing will stop him from loving music. Jon Swaii raps, "I pour my heart in these lyrics. I spent my whole life loving you...I sold my soul to my music." It is apparent that Jon Swaii has put everything that he has into his music. He has given his all. After all, isn't that what real love is? 
Listen to "Still Loving You" and pray that the music will reciprocate and love him back equally. 
Get "Still Loving You" on Spotify or Apple Music. 

Connect with Jon Swaii: Twitter | Facebook | Instagram



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