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Lake Jons reconnect with nature on "Human"

Sharing their final single on the day of the release of their sophomore album The Coast, Jooel Jons and Mikko Pennanen, best known under their moniker Lake Jons, have devised a sleek number of pure Nordic bliss. 

Swaddled in featherweight electronics and intricate guitar plucks, "Human" is an eloquent introduction to Lake Jons if you're yet to cross paths with their delicate pop intricacies. Where its predecessors aredarker, "Human" intertwines lush folk-aspects with an almost psych-electronic chorus. It's a real treat to the ol ear'oles.

With it's incredible pop-spin, the Helsinki duo expose their country's beauty with their candy-cane melodies and ice-layered synths. Both calming and energising, Lake Jons have perfected yet another single that should catapult them into the ears of the world.

Speaking to EARMILK about the single, Jooel Jons told us: "I’m fond of lyrics that are more like thoughts rather than stories. This one feels like a stroll in the forest for me. Almost a story but not quite. “I wanna turn around” resembles the idea of turning back from the road we once started as humans. Honouring nature more and more. For me it also means dancing in the forest among the trees and animals like a hippie cliché. This song has evolved from two different songs that I felt were at a dead end. Combining them left some good parts unused but made one whole."

Lake Jons' sophomore album is released via Playground Music. 

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