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Jacob Collier enlists Daniel Caesar on the slick and smooth hit "Time Alone With You"

U.K singer and multi-instrumentalist Jacob Collier has been subtly rising through the ranks and stealing our hearts since his early days of YouTube covers. The release of the first half of his four-volume project, Djesse, has gone on to receive a multitude of critical acclaim, including two recent Grammy nominations. Accolades aside, it's the soul of the project— the endless exploration of sound — that make it and its creator so special. A feat that isn't missed on his latest collaboration with Daniel Caesar, "Time Alone With You". 

The first single to be released off of Djesse- Vol 3, it's an impeccable blend of the two artists' vibes. Caesar's voice simply melts over the smooth, soulful bass line, before rising again to a soothing falsetto. But it wouldn't be a true Djesso offering without extensive instrumental exploration. Weaving in countless audial samples alongside polished brass notes and a jazz-inspired bass, Collier seamlessly transitions from jubilant to seductive without you even noticing that anything changed. All the while keeping you warm with its charming lyrics. 

Volume 3, due in 2020, will shift its focus from the previous acoustic and orchestral sounds into what Collier calls "negative distance". It will also herald in his largest tour yet, with tickets available for purchase here

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