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Emily Yacina offers an honest escape in "Arcades & Highways"

Emily Yacina’s final album teaser came in the form of a breathy track with a strong innocence. “Arcades & Highways” is Yacina’s third single from her upcoming fifth LP, Remember the Silver, set to be released Dec. 6. 

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Yacina, based in New York City, creates a world we all want to be a part of in "Arcades & Highways". She takes us out of the meeting at work, the lineup at the bank, or the conversation you wish you never started. All you need is an excuse, a pair of headphones and a common memory brought on by the innocence of the first few lyrics.

“Do you want to marry me / In the hotel by the airport before you have to leave,” Yacina asks sweetly. But there is a strength in vulnerability and Yacina soaks it all up. By the chorus, her mesmerizing ‘60s inflection turns into a longing demand with the repeated phrase, “I need you to swallow me”. In a world where no one says what they mean, Yacina dismisses that sad comfort. 

“Arcades & Highways” comes on the tail of two previous singles from the upcoming full-length. If Remember the Silver is meant to be memory-inducing—an escape to youth—“Gleaming” would be the moody younger sibling to the melancholic high-schooler sound of “Bleachers”. This leaves “Arcades & Highways” as the bold, but still unsure, 20-something who knows they want to leave, but doesn’t quite know where to go. 

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