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'Rrok The Last Avenger' is coming for what is his

RROK, a Stamford, Connecticut-based rapper, drops a blazing mixtape, Rrok The Last Avenger. This artist undoubtedly is here to get what is rightfully his. He makes it clear that he will achieve his goals one way or another. Every single track in this new mixtape is filled with the passion and the hunger to get to the next level of the rap game. RROK frequently raps about the struggle and the commitment necessary to get to the top.
As soon as the second track "Motivated" comes on, it is easy to tell that he has been doubted by many people that he has encountered throughout his life. It is evident that he didn't have many people who believed in him. The beauty, though, is that he didn't quit. He didn't give up. He kept going. RROK raps, "They was laughing at me...They gave up on the kid." Even after feeling like this, this artist still refuses to sell his soul because he could "never be a sell out." This track should be turned on whenever someone feels like something he or she wants to achieve is impossible because inspiration will be found. 
On the 6th track "My Time" RROK once again raps about chasing his dreams and the obstacles that he faces. He introduces his hunger to an audience who may not have heard of him yet. He raps, "Always kept the circle small. I never trusted phonies." The truth is that it is important to be careful of your surroundings when trying to break the norm and not remain stagnant. It will be necessary to close some doors and open new ones. RROK has a similar take on the last track "Change on Me." He is aware that he will lose many people in his life as he continues to grow and move forward. And, for him, that's okay. 
If you want to get inspiration from an artist who is rapping about his struggle to make music and succeed, then this is the mixtape that one should spend some time with. 

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