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Rap duo Danger Incorporated drop trippy new music video “First to Last”

Atlanta alt-rap pair Danger Incorporated are back with a mysterious music video for their new track “First to Last.” Made up of vocalists Louie Dufflebags and Boothlord, Danger Incorporated has returned with their first single since the jarring and confrontational “Wassup Phonies” from two months ago. These two 2019 releases could signal a potential upcoming follow up album to their somber 2018 project Danger Reality. The low-lit visuals for the track capture a lonely night in which the pair is left to tackle their daunting thoughts.

 “First to Last” opens with a yearning wail of a hook from Louie Dufflebags whose high notes strike a firm chord with any lost romantic. His lyrics “You’re the first to call me back, you’re the first one on my mind,” appear uplifting at first glance, but are quickly realized as fearful of impending loss. The dark and glitchy spasms in the instrumental set a spooky heartbeat to the track that feels emotionally human despite having electronic tones. When Boothlord jumps in for his more pressing verse, the beat changes accordingly. The added layers of sharp guitar riffs match his vocal edge as he insists that this relationship on the rocks is well worth saving. After Boothlord dissects beat with cries for affection and cocky flaunts alike, he poignantly ends the verse with “eternity with you is worth it.” The chemistry between both vocal performances and the dismal beat establishes a narrow aesthetic between ode and elegy. As both artists list beautiful traits of their significant other, they simultaneously pray that this love isn’t fleeting.

    This new installment to Danger Incorporated’s discography is a promising display of progress and emotional maturity. It marks a creative young rap duo continuing to produce quality new ideas while also contributing to a fascinating trend of increasingly melancholy rap aesthetics. Scope the meditative video for “First to Last” now.

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