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Fridaynite releases indulgent new single ‘Big Pup’

Rising Virginia rapper Fridaynite has released a flashy third track of 2019 “Big Pup.” The stylish new release from Fridaynite is dripping with swagger and confidence that showcases captivating lyrical delivery and versatility. The rich anthem makes his limited discography all the more intriguing.

 “Big Pup” is a feverishly arrogant boast of intensity and smoothness as the track is broken up into two tonally different iterations of the same lyrics. The opening sequence is aggressively infectious as Fridaynite bars out over a mischievously fluctuating synth run. In a fitting summary of the initial tone he outrageously spits “I’m nasty, I’m filthy, I get so trashy. She told me I’m the one. I’m not the one, don’t ask me.” This verse then transitions into the hook which rings true to the track’s title, “that’s me, I’m a dog.” Here the outwardly cocky bars ride the thumping 808’s and devilish synths beautifully, only to later turn to a more atmospheric approach to the same lyrics. After a well executed verse and catchy hook, the beat slows down into a groovier pocket and the synths settle into silky chords. Fridaynite then redelivers part of the initial verse over this new more staggering and vibrant instrumental. This repetition of the same lyrics on new aesthetic terms showcases a versatile vocal performance and engagingly dynamic two minutes. More importantly, it makes the bold and self righteous claims of Fridaynite’s words feel truer than ever.

 The young Virginia rapper has yet to prove himself on a larger scale project but has nonetheless established striking lyrical precision that is creative and fun at the very least. It will surely prove worthwhile to see how this confidence develops as Fridaynite ventures deeper into his musical journey. You can listen to the new banger above.

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