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Komfortrauschen’s “Mechatronik I” tells the tale of a triumphant trio [Premiere]

‘Mechatronics’ is defined as the combination of mechanical engineering, computing and electronics. Given the set-up of live band Komfortrauschen, “Mechatronik I” couldn’t be a more fitting title for their forthcoming release.

Komfortrauschen are a live band from Berlin, made up of three members: Laurenz Karsten, Phillip Oertel and Tim Sarhan. There's one thing that sets Komfortrauschen apart from the rest. Their ability to create big room club music, whilst maintaining the set-up of a classic band. Listening to their newest track, “Mechatronik I”, it is impossible to predict that the track was made using traditional instruments. The undulating pulses and undeniable energy unite to create a track which would feel at home during an Afterlife night. The track is due for official release via SPRINGSTOFF on the 29th November.

Propelled by drums, unrelenting bass lines, plenty of peaks and just enough lulls to take the listener on a journey in just under ten minutes; “Mechatronik I” is a huge triumph for the German trio. As the track reaches its crescendo, it’s hard to imagine anything other than being fully immersed in an underground party. In true German fashion, there’s not a beat out of place. It’s immediately obvious to the listener that “Mechatronik I” is the product of years of experience, hard work and passion come together as one; in turn, it deserves to be celebrated as such.

“Mechatronik I” is a track which highlights a forward-thinking and innovative approach to techno, whilst still maintaining all the qualities that make it such an exciting genre of music. In their own words, “Imagine a punk band trapped inside a drum computer, the Prodigy being a Berghain Resident, Richie Hawtin meets Rammstein”.

You can listen to "Mechatronik I" exclusively here, and it's available for pre-order via Beatport.

Connect with Komfortrauschen: Spotify | Twitter | Instagram

Image credit: Caren Pauli

Dance · Main Stage · Techno


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