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Just like Erose, we’re all a little “Psycho” [Video]

Erose, an incredibly unique New York City-based singer, drops her distinguishable new single, “Psycho.” This track is most definitely not your typical love song, but at the same time, it reminds us that love can make us "Psycho." Pun intended. If you ever find yourself in a bad mood, just turn the volume up and your mood will instantly change. 

In “Psycho,” Erose breathes life into her emotions and lets the world hear the power in her voice. It is evident that she isn’t afraid to sing her heart out and have fun with the song regardless of what anyone may think. Moving fearlessly, she is brave enough to express herself throughout this song. She sings, “I hate what you do to me. Your image haunts me every time I sleep. And, I tried my very best to release the anger...” Erose has no problem letting anyone know what this kind of love does to her. The melodies accompanying the lyrics allow us to feel a kind of anticipation that makes us feel Erose’s emotions as if we were in her shoes. 
While Erose displays her vulnerability in this song, a very fun tone is also present. You will want to get up and dance. If you’re going on a drive, you’ll even find yourself having a mini-concert in your own car. She allows us to feel free and liberated in her music. 
The artist also makes it clear that being different is more than okay and that everyone should be free to be themselves. The music video displays drag queens singing and dancing, which gives us a sense of the freedom of self-expression all while being able to have fun with it. The theme of love just adds more spice to the song. Love will have someone feeling every single kind of emotion. To further explain this, love can have someone feeling “psycho.” Erose knows this and shares it with her audience. All at the same time, you will get lost in this magical song and feel free to find your inner 'crazy.'
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