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Catching Flies teams with Blu and Jehst for remix of "Yu"

Fans of Catching Flies’ debut album Silver Linings from earlier this year can rejoice because the U.K. producer is returning with a remix album next year and has delivered the first taste with a new version of the track “Yu.” The remix maintains the original’s gently bouncing feel and is taken to another level with verses from rappers Jehst and Blu.

Blu joins Catching Flies’ warm production first with biting, cautionary lines about the potential pitfalls of a life in the entertainment industry with his buzzing delivery. Jehst follows with clever wordplay that leans into the song’s theme of rain, punctuated with the line, “Whether the weatherman is telling the truth / we weather-proof / pennies from heaven, puttin’ your umbrella to use / beautiful rain.” Catching Flies delivers a poignant sample and endearing beat on “Yu,” and the American Blu and Londoner Jehst fit right into the mix, making for an exciting preview of the forthcoming project Silver Linings Remixed.

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