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Big Fox returns with searing single "All I'm Trying"

Sweden's Charlotta Perers - aka Big Fox - has heart, depth, and more recently- a newly developed perspective. After delaying her third album's release back in 2018 due to a Lymphoma diagnosis, she is now finally ready to unleash it upon the world. But before See How The Light Fall's official release in 2020, she teases us with its heartfelt, raw message in the form of her newest single, "All I'm Trying". 

The fourth single to be lifted off her forthcoming album, it's a track that is riddled with honesty, emotional freedom, and raw vulnerability. “Some songs are hard to write about," she confesses. "They just move like a slow train, as if they had no intention of causing any big fuss or drama. But they are sincere, honest. Every word is carefully selected, every synthesizer questioned. And the more time you spend with them, the more you start loving them. That’s how I feel about 'All I’m Trying'.”

While "All I'm Trying" truly fits within the "no muss no fuss" category with its lilting acoustic guitar and lo-fi vocals, it also alludes to a silent strength, a determination unfazed by any external factors. As Perer sweetly croons "All I'm trying to say now | is just that I love you", we are moved by the sheer innocence of such a loaded declaration. There are no blazing trumpets, no booming bass lines, just a woman who's come out on the other side and realized that life may not be simple, but living it can be done simply. 

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