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KUČKA celebrates the "Real" power of imagination [Video]

Following her only other release of 2019, "Drowning", KUČKA's "Real" sees her bring together more of what her fans have been waiting for, that solid mix of story telling, layered over a slow burning world of exploration through her bonafide stride of soothing vocal range and lyrical prowess; in a song that is essentially about human connection, KUČKA has achieved what she has set out to do.

Working with Chance the Rapper and Kid Cudi collaborator Nosaj Thing on "Real", the journey of the music video features KUČKA herself, as the surreal landscape of the forest exterior showcases the adversity she faces with human connection, as she excavates things we feel connected to on a daily basis. KUČKA explains in her media release how the song celebrates the power of imagination as a form of healing: “Real is about how important the imagination is in connecting to yourself and your needs. We are living in a world where we are constantly stimulated externally - but this can feel shallow after a while. I want to encourage people to lose themselves in their ideas, to really go deep, no matter how weird or unusual they think they are, and see how it affects their physical body and gives way to even more potent thoughts.”

As KUČKA heads into 2020, she continues her streak of proving why she is one of most creative artists within the electronic genre at the moment, and with additional hits like "Homey" and "Divinity", it is not hard to see why.

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