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Joy O & Overmono unite to release the summer's most in-demand track

Combining their expertise to become Joy Overmono, Bromley / Still Moving is one of the most highly anticipated techno releases of 2019. "Bromley”, the A-Side of Joy Orbison and Overmono’s record is one of the underground dance scene's most celebrated tracks this year.

Anyone who’s seen Ben UFO play recently will know exactly what we’re talking about. From Dekmantel to Dimensions, and Warehouse Project to your local club; “Bromley” has left music lovers everywhere begging for a track ID for months. Well, today brings good news for everyone awaiting a release - the day has finally arrived. Fondly named after the borough in which Overmono’s studio resides, “Bromley” is as simple, yet incredibly effective as they come. Whilst much of the track consists of a simple drum loop, when the most distinguishable vocals of recent times - “say it yeaaah” - kick in at around 3:44, it’s evident that Joy O and Overmono needn’t rely on over-complication to create a big room tune. The simplicity is what makes the track so special. If you still don’t know - get to know.

“Still Moving”, the second track on the 12”, is altogether much darker; it doesn’t get much more ‘grotty basement’ than this. With what feels like big build ups dropping down to almost nothingness, it’s impossible to tell which way the track’s going to go. It’s percussive, it’s synth-y, and it pulls together the collaborative release in an impeccable manner. Bromley / Still Moving is undoubtably one of the most interesting releases in recent times; it’s proof that sometimes, going back to basics can have the biggest pay off.

Bromley / Still Moving can be streamed through Spotify, or purchased here.

Connect with Joy Orbison: Spotify | Twitter | Instagram

Connect with Overmono: Spotify | Twitter | Instagram

Dance · Electronic · Techno


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