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Tatum pieces together a stunningly dark debut with her single "Broken"

In life, one of the most complex themes and what makes it all so thrilling is the duality of it all . After all, you can't have light without the darkness. South Africa's newest voice, Tatum, contrasts the bubble-gum pop of her young generation by offering up a delicacy that's richer in texture and deeper in thought- her debut single "Broken". 

"Now I have pieces missing" she exclaims at the rise of the chorus, in an introspective story about love and its first cut. "Sometimes there is poignant beauty in broken things," she confides. "Broken beings have often survived a lot and have a much greater depth...perfection for me only comes after pain and dark times, after being broken many times.”

Patiently wading through a rise-and-fall production of dramatic strings and a deep bass, Tatum's assured vocals navigate the philosophical lyrics with mature grace and adept inflection. It's a spark of defiance, the desire to remain authentic to your message, regardless of age or social expectations. Reminiscent of (and perhaps inspired by) other notable teen debuts such as Lorde or Billie Eilish, it's a stark reminder that the beauty of music is found in balance. The constant duality of the light and the dark, working together to produce ethereal sounds and soul-cleansing moments. 

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