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HOAX delivers solace again with alt-pop lullaby “unconditional”

Queens, NY duo HOAX arrives today with their latest single, “unconditional.” The genre-bending pair is at it again merging indie-pop, soul, and ‘70s Motown accents. For this endeavor, it’s a deeper cut than previous gems—exploring the simple notion of being present in life. “unconditional” is lifted off the band’s debut LP b? out in 2020.

On “unconditional,” the band opts in for tender guitars and layered alt-pop arrangements. Lead singer Michael Raj’s vocals float on a bed of soaring melodies that adds a sense of yearning to the track. The soundscape developed here will have listeners contemplating their own decisions as the song serves as a road map to the destination you want to find within yourself. Lyrically, a song about love and acceptance of one another, “unconditional” sways with gentleness and delivers a resonance that comforts and consoles the distressed heart and wearied mind.

“I think it’s natural for us as humans to seek out and want to be with people who are just like us: reaffirmations of the same beliefs." HOAX shares of the new single via a press release. "We all come with a set of User Terms & Conditions and we allow people into our lives based on if they will or will not violate our terms. But then there is love, which is not subject to the laws of our personal Terms & Conditions. So naturally, when you give yourself to someone completely a transition must take place. The hope is that when someone is done listening they can evaluate all the things they are and aren’t willing to give up and accept. That’s just the start. Unconditionality is a lifelong work. And admittance is the first step.”

HOAX is the creative alliance between Michael Raj and Frantz Cesar. “Unconditional” marks their fourth single of the year following “You Get So Alone Sometimes,” “Unamerican Dream,” and “Could.” HOAX’s debut album b? will be released next year.

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