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Stevan returns with lovable new single "Warm" [Video]

With each new release, singer-songwriter Stevan provides further proof that his musical style lives in a universe of its own. The Australian artist's career is still in its early stages but the few singles he has delivered thus far show an artist with an endearing sonic aesthetic with massive potential. His latest track "Warm" follows that trend with heartfelt lyrics, engaging instrumentals, and a sweet video as well.

The song's crackling drums and punchy bass lines provide some contrast in an arrangement that features dreamy guitar pads under Stevan's floating vocal delivery. Amid the smooth melodies and poignant harmonies, he writes about his desire to keep his loved ones safe and secure. These characters in the narrative are personified in the video by a very good dog named Tilly, who is adopted and cared for by Stevan. With his unique flavor of understated soul on the new track, "Warm" is another reason to get excited for Stevan's future.

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