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Charlie Taylor conveys tiresome frustration with men in "Bored" visuals

Charlie Taylor is fearless in expressing her refreshingly authentic perspective. An artist who's capitalized off of her sexuality, she's a bold blonde with fierce femininity. Naturally rebellious and wild, Taylor has come a long way from the days in the small horse-town she grew up in. She now releases the video for her latest single 'Bored', oozing with pure provocative personality. Showcasing delicate acoustic riffs and soft smoky vocals, she gently sings of her tedious monotony.

"Bored is a song I wrote one night after being stood up on a date. I was home alone, sipping on gin when I started thinking about men and what I realized, is that quite simply, I'm bored," the songstress reveals.

The visuals depict a surreal representation of her complicated relationship with men, politics and sometimes herself. Like many of us she toys with the idea she might be crazy, but also takes some offense towards it. To portray a feeling of being ignored, her love interest appears dead, with magazine cutouts pasted on his face.  In this dark yet playful video Taylor is in bed with the man and gets increasingly more upset as she tries to wake him up. Incorporating child-like visuals such as a giant cake with candles and a sparkly pink party hat, the doll-house inspired visuals are filled with whimsy.

Taylor identifies her distinctive musical style as "gangster folk". Merging acoustic instrumentation with hip-hop beats, her deeply poetic lyricism unravels the threads of social subtleties. Watch the visuals now and get lost in her world of unrelenting boredom.

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